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Finding the right Event Gift Supplier: A guide for event organisers, venues and spaces.

You can have the perfect space and a great programme of speakers but without a unique gift element, your client’s attendees may leave feeling underwhelmed. Whether you’re organising a private party, a corporate briefing, or a large-scale conference, it’s important to find the event gift supplier. But where do you start?

Picking the right gift service can be like finding a needle in a haystack — overwhelming and time-consuming. And your time is precious! So what should you look for? To help, we’ve put together this handy guide. 

Check List

An event gift partner not just a supplier

First and foremost, you should be looking for a partner, not just an event gift supplier. You want a company that understands the pressure you’re under when organising an event, that gets under the hood and can simplify the process. A company you can call on every time knowing you can rely on them to provide the service and products you need to do the best job for your clients.

What should you look for in a gifting partner? A company that:

  • Provides a full service from concept to delivery

  • Understands from experience what you need to offer clients — for example, plain-cover proposals, presentations and visuals you can tailor to send on

  • Takes the time and trouble to understand the brief and goes above and beyond to source the right gifts and products for your clients, for the right price

  • Thinks long-term, thinks strategy and delivers quality

  • Never misses a deadline — making you look efficient and professional to your clients

  • Values sustainability and can prove it — no greenwashing

  • Simplifies the process — giving you the time back to get on with everything else you have to organise. 

Aside from these qualities, there are some other key factors to bear in mind.

Essential factors you need in an event gift service

Anyone can throw together a few generic gifts. But no one (least of all your clients) wants to give attendees another plastic branded pen or throwaway bag. Boring! 

You want an event gift service that can really deliver the wow factor. Merchandise that will make your clients and their attendees do the happy dance — that are thoughtful, unique and memorable, creating connections and building loyalty. 

Here are a few things to look out for:

The full package

Check what sort of service they offer. Is it the whole shebang? Or will you be left doing a lot of the legwork? Can they come up with ideas in a format you can go back to present to your clients? Can they deliver and deal with customs and invoicing? What about a fast-track service? For example, if your client throws a wobbly and moves a deadline, can the gift service cope? 


Seek out an event gift partner with experience in your particular type of event. If they say they’ve worked with big brands, don’t just take their word for it. Check out their reviews. 

Product quality

The quality of products on offer is crucial. You want to pick a supplier offering high-quality, well-made products. After all, your clients want to leave a lasting impression which means flimsy gifts that soon fall apart are a definite no-no.

Wide range of products

Look for a supplier with a wide range of offerings to suit any event or theme. You want event gifts that stand out from the typical swag bag items. 

Customisation options

Customisation options are vital. Ensure you pick a supplier who offers customisable gifts. Whether that’s adding a personalised note, a name or subtle branding with a logo. Your clients will undoubtedly want to align their gifts with their marketing objectives. 


Pick a gift company that knows the devil’s in the detail and understands the importance of presentation. You want to create that wow factor for your clients after all. And leave a lasting impression. 

A beautifully packaged and presented gift not only adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, it shows thoughtfulness and care have gone into it. It makes an attendee feel special and valued which in turn fosters a positive relationship between your client and their guest.

Customer service

Do you get a dedicated service? Or will you be passed around whenever you get in touch? Is there someone available to you 24/7? Or will you be left to fend for yourself out-of-hours? 

Make sure you can quickly get in touch with your supplier in case of any issues.

Ideally, you want a single point of contact in a company that’s responsive, helpful and flexible. It’ll make the whole process much smoother and enjoyable. 

Shipping and handling

Don’t forget to consider the logistics. What shipping options are available? Does the company deliver worldwide? Is there a tracking service? Make sure the company you choose offers shipping options that fit your budget and timeline. 

Are they reliable? You want a company that doesn’t just deliver on their promise but can deliver on time. 

How BOW Gifts can help

A one-stop solution for corporate gifts and branded merchandise for the events industry in the UK and internationally, BOW Gifts is your perfect event gifting partner.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Hassle-free process from enquiry to delivery

  • One point of contact, available 24/7

  • White glove/plain cover proposals, presentations, visuals, videos and images to send directly to your client

  • Time-saving and convenience — digital brochures

  • Cost-efficient — competitive unit prices

  • Reliability and quality assurance — we’re certified and fully accredited 

  • ESG - supply chain transparency — when we say sustainable, we mean it

  • Customisation and flexibility — branding, logos, individual names

  • Fulfilment services and production — ISO14001 and ISO9001 Accredited

  • Door-to-door tracking service

  • Fast-track service

  • Delivery solutions to 40+ countries 

  • Customs and commercial invoicing plus delivery duty paid

  • Loyalty and rewards scheme.

What’s more, you’ll get a 15% commission (+VAT) on your first order and an 8% commission (+ VAT) on every subsequent one. Plus, a NEW Apple iPad, £ 500-holiday vouchers or a donation to a charity of your choice for clients with an annual spend of over £50,000.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today. Or book a time and we’ll call you.



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