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About us

We are a full-service, corporate gift and loyalty specialist for companies and event organisers.

We handle everything from concept to completion, delivering throughout the UK and worldwide. 

Our mission is to make corporate gifting a loyalty strategy.


We’re your partner, not your average service provider. We think outside the (corporate gift) box and we make gifting hassle-free.


Read our customers’ comments and find out what it’s like doing business with us.

Read our Trust pilot reviews.


You’ll see it’s not about us, it’s all about you. 


But if it’s more about BOW you’re after, here’s our story.

How BOW began


BOW was born in 2014 when founder, Emily Newstead, decided corporate gifting could and

should be better. On an ironing board in her tiny spare room, she began with baskets and

built a business. 


Emily has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She’s been in business since the age of five

when she used the pocket money she earned working in her dad’s grocery store to buy silks.

These she wove into friendship bracelets and sold from a stall outside her dad’s shop. 


Here she is in her early years. Look closely at the photo. Emily’s future was written in the stars,

or rather, on the bin! Have you spotted it yet?

CEO & Founder Emily Newstead as a toddler with her dad

What BOW became


Eight years on, BOW’s outgrown its original premises where we ran all projects on-site with

a team of ten. We now operate from two sites. One is a fulfilment centre that can handle

8,000 + units a day. 

1000+ Orders Fulfilled

Warehouse ISO9001 ISO14001 Accredited

40+ Countries shipped

8 Awards

250+ Companies


250k products handled

We’re proud of the fact we’re a corporate gift company like no other. 

Because from day one, we did things differently. 


To save you trawling the internet sourcing products and then liaising with a host of different suppliers to package, brand and ship them, we brought it all under one roof. 


  • We manage your gift projects from concept to completion. 

  • We provide a full service, from branding to production and tracking to delivery. 

  • We use our top tech systems and software to process and monitor all aspects of your order. 

  • We only source qualified, certified and sustainable products that meet UK and EU standards.

  • We establish  long-term company gift strategies and  can measure the impact.

  • We can build your own bespoke company gift system.

  • You only deal with BOW during the entire process. We do not subcontract to any other company.

Where BOW’s going


When Emily, our CEO, started BOW it was because she was certain there was another,

better way for companies to do corporate gifting.


She still is. (Because there’s always room for improvement.)


It’s not enough to make corporate gifting hassle-free.

Our mission is to shift the way companies think and behave around corporate gifting.

Because it’s not about ‘corporate’, at all is it? It’s about people. 


So, are you ready to find out what’s really possible when you partner with BOW and

put your humans at the heart of what you do? 

Meet the team

CEO & Founder of BOW Gifts Emily Newstead

Emily Newstead

CEO & Founder

The brains behind BOW. 

Likes: problem-solving, beating the odds, a good thunderstorm.

Dislikes: box-ticking, lukewarm drinks, bad parking.

Superpower: bringing some sunshine to a dull day!

Alex Kington

Alex Kington

Marketing Strategy

Likes: earl grey tea, dancing, sparking joy in others

Dislikes: being cold, coffee, Jeremy Clarkson

Superpower: being able to quickly get to the crux of an issue and bring clarity to decision making.

Tony Webster

Tony Webster

Business & Strategy

Likes: Cape Town, South African wine, football.

Dislikes: negativity, bad attitudes, queues & blue cheese

Superpower: can see round corners


Elizabeth Taylor

Beth Taylor

Graphic Design

Likes: a good looking bit of packaging, creative answers to everyday questions, starting a new crochet project.

Dislikes: design without reason, slow walkers, cold socks in the morning.

Superpower: the lunchtime crossword!

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