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Terms & Conditions

No one wants to wade through the small print, we know. But before you jump off this page with a yawn, here’s why you should stay and scroll down. 


When you place an order with BOW Gifts you’re bound by our terms and conditions. Please read them through carefully so there are no surprises. 


If anything changes, we’ll tell you right away.

  • Our commitment to you
    We will only process your order if your project can be achieved in the timeframe available — from point of order to your event/delivery date. We only submit artwork and branding for production that has been fully signed off and approved by you. We only source and manufacture from ethical, trusted and reputable partners to ensure the best quality and demonstrate integrity across all our work. We are fully insured with public liability policies in place. When you place an order with BOW Gifts, you’re agreeing to the following:
  • Quotes
    We provide a maximum of 2 quote revisions for one project. Prices are valid for 7 days. After 7 days, prices may change. Lead times could vary and stock availability will fluctuate.
  • Stock
    When you make an enquiry, we check ‘live’ available stock quantities. If stock levels are low for the product you require, we may advise you to order them immediately. Where a product(s) is not available at the time of enquiry, we will provide alternatives for your quote, and also make you aware of when the product(s) will be back in stock. You may have to pay a non-refundable deposit to hold stock. We can’t transfer this to another order, sorry. Alcohol is allowed for Bow Gifts orders going to over-18s only. All food and drink products have a shelf-life of 6 months minimum from the date you order unless otherwise specified or you have selected a product with a shorter shelf life. We are unable to replace or refund any product not used by you or a recipient
  • Allergies
    It is the recipient's responsibility to read all labels before eating or drinking these products. By law, ingredients are clearly displayed on food and drink product labels. We are not responsible for the recipient checking the product labels. We cannot refund, return or replace any food or drink item not consumed by the recipient.
  • Products & Branding
    Product details and specifications are included in your quote and your invoice when your order is signed off. Product information may be given via images as well as text. Additional product details not supplied with your quote can be requested if you require further information. If you’re choosing products you wish to have branded with your company logo or a specific design, you will be asked to supply these in the format required for your order/type of product. Files need to be in the following formats: EPS/AI/PDF/PNG. JPEG/JPG, low-resolution images, or screenshots are not accepted. If your products need to be Pantone matched, you must specify this before you approve any artwork. Artwork can not be altered after approval. You’ll need to state the Pantone number/s with your artwork file. You may choose to provide your company brand guidelines then too.
  • Gift project plan
    Your Gift Project Plan is carefully put together so you know exactly where you are at each stage of the process. This plan will contain your key project dates and deadlines that must be adhered to at each stage. This includes any artwork, files, or documents you are required to provide for your project. These will need to be supplied correctly, in full, and to our specifications, so we meet the design and branding criteria required. Your plan will include dates for, payment and shipping. The shipping date depends on the countries to which you’re shipping. When you confirm your event date or deadline and the gift destinations, we will supply these dates.
  • Changes and cancellations
    Once you have placed an order it cannot be changed. This also applies to any artwork. A change request made after an order has been placed is treated as a new order and requires a new quote. Payment in full must be made for the existing order before the new one can be placed. Missed key dates and cancelled, or partially cancelled, orders are still liable for payment in full. No refunds are issued.
  • Production closures
    Production time excludes weekends and bank holidays or days the business is closed.
  • Storage Fees
    Any gifts left-over (i.e. not shipped) can be stored for up to 6 months. The fee is a minimum of £2 + VAT per unit per week and is payable in full by you. This includes any parcels or stock not despatched from our warehouse after the shipping date allocated in your gift project plan. We will make you aware of any remaining gifts from a single project, and request your instruction for storage or for shipment to a dedicated address. If you require a call-off service, this falls under our storage terms and can be quoted at the time of order. Not all gifts are available for a call-off service.
  • Missed cut-off dates in your gift project plan
    We are not liable if you miss key dates. All key dates planned for your gift project are based on your individual project requirements, working backwards from your event/deadline date. Missing a key date can compromise your entire project. Fast-track options are sometimes available to help make up lost time caused by a missed key date but are not guaranteed. Please note, fast-track options do incur extra charges for products and shipping. If your order is forfeited because of a missed key date, cancellation terms and conditions apply.
  • Payment
    All payments are 100% pro-forma only. Our products and services are bespoke: made to order and specific to your individual needs. All costs associated with the fulfilment of our products and services and their distribution are subject to our payment terms and conditions, detailed below.
  • Invoice date and pro-forma payments
    When paying pro-forma, the ‘date issued’, and ‘payment required by’ dates on your invoice are dictated by the lead time between your order date and event/deadline date. Your order will not be processed until pro-forma payment is received in full. Any invoice payment delay will compromise your project. Please make your accounts/finance department aware in advance so deadlines are met. We are not liable for late payment and the impact this has on your order. Payment deadlines are treated as key dates in your Gift Project Plan.
  • Payment methods
    You can pay our invoices via BACS, internet banking or by card. We do not accept personal debit or credit cards. Commercial business card payments are subject to a handling fee only. This is a minimum of 1.4% of the total invoice value +20p. American Express card payments incur a higher fee (a minimum of 2.4%). The handling fee is charged via a separate invoice, and is billed after the project invoice is paid in full. The handling fee invoice must be paid via BACS only. This invoice cannot be paid by card. This fee is only calculated once the invoice is completed through the safe card payment link found in your invoice. We are unable to take payments over the phone. Payments can only be completed electronically, even when paying by card. The default payment system is via BACS. If you would prefer to pay by card, please request this so the option can be added to your invoice. You will find our account details on our invoice or in our business information document.
  • Making a payment outside of the company's standard process
    Your invoice can be processed as a non-compliant payment outside your usual accounts department payment runs. Your gift orders are also likely to be sporadic, and may not be regular monthly payments.
  • Delivery
    We only use a specialist delivery service that is fully qualified, coherent and legally adheres to all UK and international delivery regulations. We use only packaging materials of the highest quality to protect products in transit. These materials are recyclable Our delivery terms apply to every order.
  • Delivery destinations
    We deliver to addresses in mainland UK, some in Europe, and some worldwide destinations. A list of countries we deliver to can be found on our FAQs page [add link when published] or emailed to you at your request. Please note these can and do change at any time due to economic and political factors. As well as no-go shipping zones worldwide there are also product restrictions within our approved list of shipping destinations. We will advise. Both domestic and business addresses are accepted. We reserve the right to refuse a new delivery destination introduced after your order has been placed and agreed. We are not liable for refusing this shipping destination and will not refund the cost of any/all gifts you have allocated for it. These new destinations would fall outside the order pre-agreed and processed under your gift project plan. All gift projects are planned around key criteria which include shipping destinations. Each county carries a different shipping lead time (including customs and government processes). Where known, these are incorporated into your gift project plan. If you fail to provide any shipping destinations before an order is placed and only provide this information at the point of shipping, we reserve the right to refuse any or all which are not on our approved list. We are not liable for this refusal and will not refund the cost of any/all gifts you have allocated for the destination(s). Stating a territory as EU or Worldwide does not qualify as a shipping destination. Countries must be individually specified to qualify. If you provide us with new delivery destinations after your order is placed and the country is on our approved shipping list we will ship to this destination. However, we cannot guarantee your gift(s) will arrive in time to meet your event/deadline. This new destination may carry a longer shipping lead time than those already agreed. We cannot be held liable for any shipments arriving late to any destination.
  • Delivery data
    Delivery data must be supplied on a password-protected excel spreadsheet. Delivery data for each and all shipments/recipients must be supplied in the required format and all fields must be completed in full. A template in the required format will be provided. Required fields: Recipient(s) name Company name & building name (if a business) Address line 1 (house number or name) Address line 2 (street name) Address line 3 (City) County Country Postcode Recipient contact telephone number(s) (this must include the countries dialing code +) Recipient’s email address Delivery data will not be accepted if any of these fields are missing. You will be asked to supply your delivery data by a particular date. It is one of the key dates in your project plan. Missing this date will cause a delay to the booking and despatch of your shipment. We cannot be held liable for any delays. Delivery data must be up-to-date and 100% accurate. Any data found to be incorrect can be rejected by us and/or the courier at any time and may result in transit delay, a return, or a failed delivery attempt. These can incur surcharges. If so these charges are payable by you in full. Any surcharges, including additional costs for any parcel/s (whether delivery data is correct or not) can be charged up to 180 days after the dispatch date. Once dispatched, the shipping/transit lead time can be anywhere from 3 - 21 days depending on your delivery destination. While every action is taken to safely and correctly deliver your parcel in the time advised by the courier company, no courier company worldwide will guarantee a parcel’s delivery date of any parcel. It is subject to the processes and customs control in the destination country, and variables outside their control, such as weather, an ‘act of god’, or technical failure. For this reason, we always allow extra time for parcel shipment in project plans and have a high delivery success rate as a result. When a parcel has been accepted and signed for at the delivery address using the data provided, we are not liable for any changes/collection/uplifting of any parcels. These are your sole responsibility. Changes cannot be made once delivery data is submitted to us. IMPORTANT - Some worldwide destinations require the recipients to know of any parcel that is entering the country and is addressed to them. The recipient may be contacted directly by customs, and/or the courier company, an agent, or governing body for clearance of the parcel. If they are contacted, the recipient must follow and complete the instructions required of them. We cannot complete this part of the delivery process on their behalf. If the recipient is being asked to pay money to complete this part of the process, please contact us immediately, and we will confirm if this request is necessary. These costs may have already been covered in the shipping fees, but are unknown to the 3rd party making contact to release the parcel and continue its onward journey. If the recipient does not complete any requests in full or correctly, the parcel may be returned or held. This cost will be payable by you in full. We advise that recipients are made aware that they are receiving a parcel. In rare instances, some countries will not permit the release of the parcel, if the recipient cannot confirm knowledge of the expected parcel, or its contents. If knowledge of the contents is required, a copy of the commercial invoice will be supplied to you to share with the recipient.
  • Point of despatch
    Your parcel(s) will be booked in for collection using the delivery data you provide. When your parcel is collected by a courier service or Royal Mail, it is classed as ‘despatched'. We will provide you with tracking details for each parcel shipped by us if you don’t select our tracking service. From point of despatch onwards, it is your sole responsibility to monitor the tracking and delivery of each parcel. It is your responsibility to contact the courier company if you require any changes after despatch. Or if the courier company needs additional information from you to deliver the parcel(s). We are not liable if you fail to amend or action any outstanding delivery issues between the courier and recipient after the parcel is despatched. Please be aware that when action required of you is not provided, the courier company may charge you extra. These surcharges will be passed on in full to you for payment and can be charged up to 180 days from the date of despatch. Any changes made directly between you and the courier company that are chargeable, will be passed on to us as the shipper and may still be invoiced up to 180 days after dispatch. All payments will be due in full by the date specified on any invoice issued for surcharges.
  • Tracking
    If you’d like your parcel(s) tracked for you we offer a tracking and monitoring service. It starts from £3 + VAT per parcel and is for tracking and monitoring only. This cost excludes any surcharges incurred. When using our monitoring service we will contact you if actions are required to successfully deliver your parcels. We will provide you with a tracking plan if you choose this service with your order. Tracking services are not available during weekends, public holidays (occurring UK & Worldwide) nor when the business or delivery services are closed. Please also note that time zones will also be taken into account when the tracking plan is provided.
  • Delivery charges
    Parcels over 2kg going to a mainland UK address will be couriered. The weight and dimensions of the parcel determine the unit cost. Parcels under 2 kg may be sent via Royal Mail to mainland UK addresses only. EU courier delivery charges depend on the address location, shipment size and weight. Worldwide courier delivery charges (including the USA) depend on the address location, shipment size and weight. Separate surcharges can also be incurred for customs handling, taxes, duties, and for exporting to international addresses. These charges can be invoiced up to 180 days after the date of despatch. PLEASE NOTE: When shipping internationally, the cost to deliver a parcel can exceed the value of the parcel being shipped. Addresses outside mainland territories and boundaries are managed by an external courier and may be subject to further additional costs.
  • DDP & DDU
    Since Brexit (1st Jan 2021) all international parcels incur an additional fee. We can pay this fee upfront for you. This is classed as Delivery Duty Paid (DPP). Once paid it means the recipient in the receiving country is not required to pay any money to receive the parcel. Parcels shipped without DDP, are classed as Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU). This means the recipient must organise any additional costs to receive the parcel. DDP varies from country to country and depends on the parcel’s content and the receiving country’s charge for duty. This cost is charged retrospectively to us (after the parcel has been delivered). We will then invoice you for payment in full. We can provide estimated costs for destinations when you enquire. However, we will need an address in full to provide complete, accurate costs. Delivery rules and restrictions can change daily. We can advise you when you enquire and at the point of order. Parcels can be subject to delays, extra processing and extended export and custom checks. New paperwork can be requested during transit or at any time. We are not liable for these changes. Deliveries can be anytime between 8 am - 7 pm on the day of delivery.
  • Timed delivery
    Pre-10.30am and pre-noon delivery is available for an extra cost per parcel, to the UK only. Please state that you require a timed delivery service when placing your order.
  • Parcel returns and incorrect delivery data costs
    Parcels returned because of Incorrect delivery data are charged at a minimum of £10 + VAT per parcel, or at the parcel’s original shipping cost, whichever is greater. Updating shipping or delivery data while a parcel is in transit because incorrect data has been identified by the courier, is charged at £10 + VAT per parcel. This amount is charged for any single part of the address data that is incorrect or missing. Any parcel that has reached 3 delivery attempts to the provided address (correct or incorrect) or has reached the maximum number of days it can be held at a collection point will be returned to the despatch address. Charges for the parcel to be returned to its despatch address will apply. We cannot be held liable, nor are we responsible if a recipient is not present when delivery is attempted, if a recipient does not collect a parcel from a collection point in the time allocated, or if changes to documents are needed in order for the parcel to be accepted. Parcels re-routed to a new address while in transit, are subject to a minimum charge of £10 + VAT per parcel/or at the cost of the original shipment for that parcel, whichever is greater. Parcels can only be re-routed to an address within the same country. To re-ship a returned parcel, will incur a separate charge in addition to the first shipment cost and the cost of the return. The parcel can be re-shipped to any address of your choice. The total cost to re-ship the parcel will depend on the address location provided.
  • Delivery Refunds and damages
    On receipt of the shipment, If a product(s) has been damaged in transit, we will require visual evidence of the damage before we can submit a claim to the courier company. A claim for a damaged product(s) must be submitted and received within 24 hours of the parcel/shipment being signed for. A replacement or refund will be provided for the damaged item(s) or product(s) if the above process is followed and if we agree that the evidence of the damage is sufficient. We will replace or refund a claim within 30 days of approval.
  • Missing parcels
    We insure each of our parcels. If a parcel goes missing or fails to arrive within 60 days of the despatch date, a claim will be raised with the delivery company and investigated. If in this instance, the delivery details were 100% accurate and up-to-date, a refund, credit note or replacement (where permitted) will be offered. No further amounts or associated costs are covered.
  • Accepting Bulk/volume orders
    When bulk or volume orders are booked for delivery to a single address, the shipment can arrive in multiple boxes, containers or pallets. It is your responsibility to manage the full delivery once it has arrived at the address and has been signed for. All packaging of the shipment, including any pallets, is your full responsibility. The delivering vehicle is not responsible for taking/removing any of this waste, including pallets. We are not responsible for transporting the goods inside a building or to a secure space of your choosing once the shipment has been delivered/dropped. The delivery vehicles' access capabilities are restricted to the environment it is delivering to and while removing the shipment from the vehicle. If you do not have the required access the vehicle needs then the equipment used to get the shipment as close to the address as possible may be limited. You are fully responsible for managing the location you agree the shipment be dropped at, once the vehicle has arrived and is on-site. You will be asked to sign for the shipment. Failure to do so removes all insurance cover on the shipment.
  • Data
    Our data policies are fully compliant with GDPR requirements introduced on the 25th of May 2018. As agreed at your project’s sign-off, your data (including your delivery data) will not be shared with any other parties and is solely used for the purpose of completing an order and maintaining your account with us. To ensure and increase safe email communication, we advise you to email all delivery data to us through a password-protected process. We cannot be held liable if you choose not to password-protect the data you send and that data is compromised. The data we require can be reduced to information already publicly held or in the public domain or used by your recipients when making their own online purchases. You will never be asked for sensitive or unrelated information other than what is required for delivery data to fulfill orders.

If you have any questions regarding our T&Cs please ask. For ways to get in touch with us, please visit our Contact page

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