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The following Bow Gifts Terms & Conditions are detailed below so that you, are informed - in full, of our com­mitment to you and how we work. The information below, details the requirements and structure of each applicable process with Bow Gifts that supports and underpins the ordering process and their parts.

Please note that when placing your order with Bow Gifts, you and the company you are ordering for/ representing, are agreeing to the Business Terms and Conditions laid-out below in full. 

These Terms and Conditions are presented at the enquiry stage with Bow Gifts, and a signed copy of our Terms & Conditions are required when your first order is placed. Once signed, these terms & conditions will apply to all subsequent orders. 

Please know that an order cannot progress without first a signature to confirm that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. 


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Brochures, product images and project examples are provided on our website and on social media platforms, in order to demonstrate and illustrate what can be achieved. Please kindly note that only upon enquiry, can we determine the ‘LIVE’ quantity, price/cost, lead-time and availability of that product at any given time. 


All quotes are valid for 7 days. If a quote is not accepted within 7 days from the start date of the quote, please note the quantity, price/cost, lead-time and stock availability, may be subject to changes for the products and services required. 

Bow Gifts will only provide a maximum of 2 quotes for the same single project. 


Following an enquiry for a quote, a quote will be provided in the knowledge that the item/s or product/s that you are enquiring about are in stock or will be available for your deadline date. We will not knowingly or intentionally quote on a project or enquiry if what you want is not available. In the rare instance where an item/s or product/s that you require are out of stock, you will be informed of the replacement date, when the stock levels for the item you require are next available. Alternatively Bow Gifts will provide other available options for consideration. You will not be left without a solution for your enquiry. 

Please note that if the available quantity you require and the ‘live’ stock levels are within 10% of one another, we advise immediate completion within 24 hours. Where possible, Bow Gifts will hold stock for a period of 24 – 72 hours only, and if permitted. This may also be subject to a non-refundable deposit. Bow Gifts will always advise and provide clear and pro-active advice and information should this be the case. Bow Gifts will detail the cut-off time and date for securing an order under these immediate circumstances, but Bow Gifts cannot be held responsible if the advice is not actioned within the allocated time, and the stock is subsequently released and no longer available. 

Please note you will never receive a replacement product, different to that which you have requested for your order, unless you have stipulated and signed off on this change. 

Alcohol is permitted for purchase with Bow Gifts orders for over 18’s only. Proof of ID may be required upon request of order, if necessary. 

All food products are provided with a shelf-life minimum of 6 months at point of order, unless otherwise specified and agreed ahead of purchase, for food requests that have less than 6 months shelf-life. Bow Gifts will advise and specify the stipulations and terms of distribution for products with a short shelf life. It is not the responsibility of Bow Gifts if any product is not utilised within its shelf life period. 


All Bow Gifts services have specific set criteria, detailing what you, the client, will receive for that exact service. Where a period of time is allocated to a service, you will be provided with a start and end date. 

Single projects, 12-monthly and 24-monthly service plans cannot be ‘frozen’, rolled over or refunded. Bow Gifts provide a suite of services within the time period specific to your business, and for the term of plan you have agreed to. 

When extra work is required beyond the set criteria included in the plan, it is subject to additional charges. The costs for any extra work required would be detailed, invoiced and paid for by you the client ahead of completing the additional work. Additional work is chargeable. 

All services undertaken by Bow Gifts, require full sign-off ahead of the service being provided in full. All requirements will be detailed and agreed in supporting documents. Therefore, work does not commence, unless signed-off in full. 


All product specifications will be detailed throughout key documentation provided, and included (but not limited to) the quote, the invoice and also at final sign off. The product specifications will feature, (but are not limited to) details that cover the following in these documents, such as, branding-method, materials, quantities, deadline date, colours, flavours, sizes, thickness, power, usability, dietary requirements, volume, travel limitations, restrictions, pantones, CMYK, life expectancy, source, credentials, supply chain and qualities. 

Please note that changes cannot be made after final sign-off of products. Change requests made after final sign-off will incur additional charges, if permitted, and are likely subject to an entirely new order process. 

Please note: cancellations still require payment in full. 


Upon completion of sign-off on any given order, production-day 1, will commence on the next full working day. This doesn’t include weekends, and is inclusive of Monday to Friday, but not including Bank Holidays, or days that the business is closed. A list of bank holiday dates and working times and dates can be found at the bottom of this document. 


The lead-time of any order is directly related to the production period only. The delivery time is not included in the lead-time and is subject to the agreed distribution requirements of the order, and the geographical location the order is being despatched to. These particulars are agreed upfront and included in the sign-off. 


Products that have arrived in-full and as per the sign-off are none returnable or refundable, even if all or some of the items are no longer required or used. If products have been damaged in transit, Bow Gifts will require evidence of the damage in order to submit a claim with the delivery company. A claim for a damaged item/s or product/, must be submitted and received within 24 hours of the parcel been signed for. A replacement or refund will be provided for the damaged item/s or product/s. The value of the refund will be for the full unit cost only – for the item/s or product/s that incurred the damage. 

All products and fulfilment requirements complete quality control processes. If, however, a product did arrive directly from our despatch team and was not as agreed in the sign-off, a full investigation will take place and we will look to replace the affected item/s or product/s in full. If a replacement is not achievable, we will look to complete a refund or issue a credit note for the incomplete/incorrect item/s or product/s.

Where replacements are possible, we will always replace the product/s in the first instance, so to complete your order in-full as per the agreed sign-off. Where a replacement is not possible, subject to the process undertaken to complete the item/s or product/s, and/or the type of item that was damaged and lead-times involved, a refund or credit note is provided in full for the item/s or product/s involved. The value of the refund or credit note will be for the cost of the item/s or product/s that were paid on the invoice, and not for a different amount. No further amounts, or associated costs will be covered. 

Bow Gifts monitor all orders and quality control to ensure 100% accuracy of every order.


If a parcel goes missing or does not arrive, a claim will be raised with the delivery company and investigated. Bow Gifts insures and tracks each of its parcels. All data is monitored on the internal systems for the transit of any parcel. In the instance where the parcel is missing or does not arrive, and the delivery details were 100% correct and up to date, either a refund, credit note or replacement - were permitted, will be made available and offered. No further amounts, or associated costs will be covered. 

Delayed parcels that are due to weather conditions - outside of our control, or customs, duties and export checks are not classed as missing. Also see the delivery section for additional information. 


Bow Gifts will only allow sign-off on any order for a client that can be achieved in the time frame required for the project. Bow Gifts only submit artwork for all branding purposes and production - that have been fully signed off by you the client. Bow Gifts source and manufacture with ethical, trusted and reputable partners to ensure the best in quality and demonstrate integrity across all of our work.




All Bow Gifts, products and services are made-to-order and are specific to the needs of you, the client. All costs associated with the fulfilment of Bow Gifts products and services and the distribution/delivery of these, are subject to the following terms and conditions. 


As a minimum, each of the first 3 orders made with Bow Gifts are invoiced as a pro-forma payment only and payable at point of order. Payments made after the first 3 orders, will continue to be pro-forma only, unless credit terms are contractually agreed, following a full successful credit application, made by you, the client.  

Any credit facility provided by Bow Gifts is underwritten by an external financial provider and are subject to the legal requirements and criteria of the external provider. 

If payment terms are offered and granted to you, the client, you will either be provided 14-day or 30-day net terms, from the date of the invoice. No greater term above a 30-day term is available, and a credit limit will be issued upon the credit terms being completed. 

Whilst subject to pro-forma payments, production will not commence until payment is received in full. 

The lead-time does not commence from either a sign-off date, or pro-forma payment only. Both must be complete in-full, so to begin the lead-time process.  

Whilst a credit application is in process, you are still subject to pro-forma payments for orders during this period. Only once credit terms are granted, may you have the option to utilise 14-day or 30-day net credit terms. 

Making an application for credit is not mandatory and you may continue to pay via pro-forma payments if you so wish. 

Invoices received within 48 hours (working days only, not including back holidays or days the business is closed) from the date and time the invoice is raised, will receive a credit of 1% of the order total (not including VAT or delivery charges) on their account. 

When orders are paid using the agreed contractual credit terms, all orders require a PO. Orders not issued with a PO will remain outstanding, and unable to proceed to production, until one is issued. The stated lead-time will only commence once a PO is provided and full sign-off is complete. Both must be in place to commence the production lead-time. 


If you, the client, have been granted credit terms from Bow Gifts, production will begin once full sign-off and a PO has been issued. 

Please note, if you, the client, delay on sign-off, pro-forma payments, or the issue of the PO, the delivery date will move back respectively. 

Please note that during busy periods, any delays can be subsequently longer, if a production slot is ‘missed’. The next available production slot may well be outside the allotted time required to complete the order, and a fast-track option may need to be implemented. Please be aware that there are surcharges for a fast-track order, or a lead-time that has been reduced to meet the original deadline date, where client delays have occurred. 

Bow Gifts do advise and monitor each stage of the order process and will state key times and dates that each stage of an order must adhere to, in order to meet the deadline date required. However, Bow Gifts are not responsible, if the client does not adhere or action the requirements needed on the dates and times specified and advised, which may result in a knock-on effect with the order as stated above. 

In the event that sign-off, payment or the issue of a PO is entirely outside a fast-track option or a reduced lead-time, the order risks being cancelled entirely and will not be able to proceed in any capacity. Bow Gifts are not responsible if the project can no longer be achieved. 

Part or full payment may still be required for the order, if stock has been held or other elements of work have been partially undertaken at any stage. 


When terms are offered, credit limits will be issued within the contract, and all required documentation will be raised, detailing full legal requirements and agreements.

Unless subject to credit terms, 100% of your payment is due at the point of order, when your invoice is raised. 

If you reach your credit limit within any 14-day or 30-day period, the difference will be payable via pro-forma.

If the terms of your 14-day or 30-day agreement have not been met, and new orders are required during that time, you will be reverted to pro-forma payments only from thereon in. And no further orders will be undertaken by Bow Gifts unless the outstanding amount is first cleared in full. 


Bow Gifts invoices can be paid via BACS, Internet banking or by card. Please note, the use of a commercial business card payment is subject to the handling fee only, which is 1.4% of the total invoice value + 20p. Personal cards are not subject to these charges.

Bow Gifts do not take payments over the phone, and payments can only be completed electronically. The invoice will have the option to pay via card if requested by you, the client. It will otherwise default to a BACS payment. All Bow Gifts accounting details can be found on the invoice or in our Business Information document, which will be sent to you, the client, upon sign-off.

To fast-track a payment for your order, your invoice can be paid as a non-compliant payment, outside of your own payment runs. 


At all times, Bow Gifts work professionally with each client and prospect, supporting and providing advise through each stage of the order process.

Our external accountant and financial bodies carefully manage the Bow Gifts account, following the terms of any agreement and contract in place. Invoices are only raised for the products and services that you, the client, require and have requested in an order. 



Bow Gifts deliver to all mainland UK addresses, the rest of Europe and other worldwide destinations. (Please note there are restrictions and no-go zones worldwide. Bow Gifts will advise on a case by case basis when necessary.) You, the client, are fully responsible for providing the correct delivery data for each shipment, and additional costs are incurred for changes made to deliveries, or correctional delivery details. 


When delivery details are submitted, you, the client, are responsible to ensure all required fields are provided. Failure to do so, can result in the delay of any or all deliveries for your parcels, and incur additional administration charges.

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery data must be up to date, and 100% correct for the delivery of your parcel. If a building name or business has since changed its name, location or any item of detail, including the named person receiving the gift, it may result in a delay, a return or a failed delivery to an incorrect recipient.

Please be aware that if a parcel is signed for and accepted using the delivery data, provided by you, the client, which later proves incorrect, Bow Gifts are not responsible for collecting or uplifting any parcel/s which have fallen into this category. 


All delivery data must be provided in full, and include the following: 

- Recipient/s Name 

- Company Name 

- Delivery Address including building name and number, street name, City, Country and Postcode 

- Contact Telephone Number of the recipient or business.


Delivery data must be provided in-full, at least 72 hours before dispatch is required. The 72-hours’ notice includes working days only, and does not include weekends, bank holidays or days the business is closed. 

Delivery data of 25+ addresses or more, must be provided in-full, 5 working days ahead of despatch. Any delay in receiving this data, will delay the dispatch of the shipment. 


Delivery charges are quoted at point-of-order. International delivery charges are subject to the address location, shipment size and weight. Charges are also incurred for customs, duties and export to international addresses.

Please be aware that costs do vary between delivery addresses within the UK, for parcels of equal weight and size. Addresses outside of mainland territories and boundaries are set by the external courier, and may be subject to additional costs, after or once the data has been provided. 

Changes to data provided by you, the client, will incur the difference in cost and is payable as per the terms of your invoice agreement with Bow Gifts. 

Please be aware that additional costs and surcharges, may be invoiced after the order is complete. The delivery requirements are agreed ahead of sign-off, but if these change at any time, or during the distribution/delivery process, where possible, then an invoice will be raised to reflect the additional charges that have been incurred to Bow Gifts. 


Pre-10.30am and pre-noon delivery is available for an extra cost per parcel. Please state that you require a timed delivery service when placing your order. If a timed delivery service is not specified or requested, your delivery plan will default to the standard delivery lead-time for the required destination, where a parcel can arrive anytime on its expected delivery date, between the hours of 8am – 6pm.


Incorrect delivery data and returned parcels are each charged a minimum of £10 + VAT per parcel, or at the original shipment cost of the parcel, whichever is greater. 

Please be aware that any parcel that has reached 3 delivery attempts to the provided address (correct or incorrect) or reached the maximum number of days it can be held at a collection point, will be subject to the returns policy and charges for the parcel to come back to address is was despatched from, will apply. 

Parcels re-routed to a new address, whilst in transit are subject to a minimum charge of £10 + VAT per parcel/or at the cost of the original shipment for that parcel, whichever is greater. 

Please note that to re-ship a returned parcel, there will be an additional charge, separate to the 1st shipment cost and the cost of the return. You, the client, will have the option to have the parcel re-shipped to any address of your choice. The total cost to re-ship the parcel/s will be subject to the address location provided. 


Bow Gifts data and policies are fully compliant with GDPR requirements, introduced on the 25th of May 2018. 

All delivery data and client data will not be shared with any other parties and is solely used for the purpose of completing an order as agreed in the sign-off, and in maintaining your account with Bow Gifts. 

We advise all delivery data to be emailed to Bow Gifts through a password-protected process, to en­sure and increase safe email communications throughout. If you choose not to password protect the sending of data, and the data is compromised, Bow Gifts are not responsible for any subsequent outcomes of this happening. Please know that the data requested and required by Bow Gifts can be reduced to information that is already publicly held, or in the public domain. You will never be asked for sensitive or unrelated information for the purposes of delivery data used to fulfil orders. 


UPS will attempt delivery of any parcel/s up to a maximum of 3 times before it is returned, or, the parcel will be drop-shipped to a local collection point if no-one is available when delivery is attempted. The recipient will have a maximum number of days to collect from a collection point, before the parcel is also returned. When a parcel is returned in any capacity, it is returned to the address from where is was despatched. 

Returned parcels are subject to the charges detailed in the section above. 

UPS will always leave a calling card at each attempt of delivery and also when the parcel is delivered to a nearby collection point. 

Bow Gifts will notify you, the client, when a parcel is reaching its maximum number of days at a collection point, and will also notify you, the client, when 2 delivery attempts have been made. 

If, at that point, an outcome is reached with you, the client, and in the time required/allocated to be rectified, this will reduce the risk of a parcel being returned. Please note, the risk is not entirely removed, and the parcel may still be returned, if the new information is not updated/provided in time to the courier. 

If and the parcel is received within the 3 delivery attempts or collected before the maximum number of days are reached at the collection point, then the parcel will not be returned, and no extra charges will be incurred. 

Please be aware that when an outcome is not reached in the allotted time to do so, the parcel is returned, and charges will apply. 


Customs, duties and export charges are payable by you the client, when shipping outside of the UK and into territories where applicable. 


All deliveries are fully trackable, insured and allocated to a next-day delivery service for mainland UK addresses. Other worldwide destinations each carry their own lead-time, detailed when booking, and agreed in sign-off. Bow Gifts adheres to all product (food and non-food) restrictions and will advise accordingly. Bow Gifts will not knowingly send a parcel inside or outside of the UK that contains restricted or banned products. 


Bow Gifts will only use a delivery system and service, such as UPS that is fully qualified, coherent and legally adhering to all UK and international delivery regulations, and are specialists in the service they provide. Bow Gifts will only use the correct packaging materials to transport any products. The materials will be recyclable and of excellent high quality to protect the products. All parcels leaving the Bow Gifts office address, as found on our website and in our documentation, are now carbon neutral as of February 2020. Deliveries that are despatched from any 1 of our 400+ manufacturers or suppliers are not guaranteed to be carbon neutral. But where this can be achieved, it will be, and where changes can be made to implement this practice it will be sought out by Bow Gifts. Most manufacturers and suppliers are working towards (if not done so already) their own ethical and eco practices alongside reducing their carbon footprint, in order to improve the output to the environment and increase sustainable practices. 

If you have any questions regarding Bow Gifts Terms & Conditions, Payment Terms or Delivery Terms, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

The terms and conditions provided by Bow Gifts will require a signed agreement to these by you, the client, when an order is placed.



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