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Employee Welcome Packs: A Simple Guide | BOW Gifts

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Welcome new hires! If you’re an HR manager, you know putting together a successful onboarding experience takes more than just a warm introduction and email account setup. Greeting your new colleagues with the right tools from day one is key to creating a strong foundation for their success — and that means employee welcome packs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how crafting employee welcome packages can set up workers on their first days in the office and create the right impression. Want to make sure your new staff members hit the ground running? Keep reading.

What is an employee welcome pack?

Employee welcome packs, welcome packages, welcome kits, onboarding packs, — they’re all names for the same thing. An introductory bundle of goods that includes everything from introductions to the team to training materials and expectations.

The contents of an employee welcome pack vary from company to company. It will typically include all the information a new hire needs to know about their job and the company they’ve just joined. As well as company policies, benefits packages and contact details for relevant departments, it should also provide tips on how to settle into the workplace quickly.

But an employee welcome pack isn’t complete without some fun extras. Like branded swag and a few snacks. You need to appeal to the human in the process, and not just the process itself.

What is the purpose of a new hire welcome kit?

Remember your first day in a new job? It’s nerve-wracking. You don’t know where anything is, the ins and outs of company policy (or politics) or how to use the coffee machine.

A welcome kit is a way for employers to show their appreciation for new staff members from day one and help ease some of those first-day nerves. As well as providing the practical information they need to get up and running fast, it makes the onboarding process a little less daunting.

Welcome packages for new hires also give you the chance to showcase your company’s culture. This is where you pack your first ‘punch’ and shoot for the stars with impact! It’s your first impression after the interview process.

The right branded products serve as a reminder of your company’s core values and create an emotional connection. These physical touch points support new starters in their daily tasks and give them useful tools to enjoy throughout the day. Think branded tech gifts, writing instruments, mugs, water bottles, and even a team hoodie. All these elements help make your new hire feel welcome and at home right away.

Don’t underestimate the subconscious value of this. Done correctly, your welcome package will be forever remembered.

Why are employee welcome packs important?

A positive onboarding experience is essential for employee engagement and job satisfaction. According to The Society for Human Resources, onboarding is key to retaining and engaging talent. And you don’t want to lose amazing talent, it’s the lifeblood of any company.

The first 90 days of employment are critical. A new hire’s decision to stay in a new job isn’t cemented when they accept the position. It takes six months for them to decide to stay or go — and 30% quit within those first few months. The reason? For many, it’s a poor onboarding process.

The power is in your hands, so why not set the bar high for your company, and positively set out to ‘blow minds’ with your signature style of onboarding?

A strong onboarding experience increases retention rates by 82%. As over half of employees surveyed said it spurred them to go ‘above and beyond’, it’s no surprise it boosts productivity by over 70%.

An employee welcome pack is a small, but essential part of the onboarding process. It serves as the first impression of your company culture and sets the tone for your employee-employer relationship. Done right, it sends a clear message. “We’re so happy you’re part of the team and we’re making the effort to show you how much we value you.

And don’t forget everyone they will tell, both in person and even online. LinkedIn is a powerful business tool many people use to share news of their new employment. Not only will this show your competitors how you value your staff, but it will also make you an attractive employer to future recruits.

What do you put in a new employee welcome pack?

A well-crafted employee welcome pack can make all the difference in how quickly a new starter settles into their role. It can build confidence and reaffirm joining your company was the right decision. So what should you include in a welcome package?

Personalised note

In these digital days, everyone’s bombarded with words on a screen on a daily basis. A handwritten card is one of the most welcoming items you can put in an employee welcome pack. It’s a personal touch that creates a positive impression and sets the tone for your future employer/employee relationship.

You don’t need to make it long. Just long enough to give a warm welcome and show you care for your employee as an individual. And share your excitement they’ve joined the team.

Branded items (company swag)

Short for ‘stuff we all got’ company swag is branded items companies give away to promote their brand. Swag is basically anything branded with your company name. It could be on rucksacks, T-shirts, umbrellas, water bottles, mugs or power banks.

If your employees work from home, having branded merch is a great way to link them to your firm. And you can get creative with it. Play with your brand colours across different swag items. Use different approaches to reflect your company’s culture and identity.

There are so many really innovative products out there. Not only will you be supporting your new employees with cool tools for the job, but you’ll also be demonstrating your interest in the latest trends and staying relevant.

Office supplies

Providing the tools and stationery new hires need to get started will ease their workflow. Especially when there’s so much to get their heads around at the outset. New systems, new equipment, new names, don’t make them scrabble around for a pen or pad when they need one.

You can customise stationery stationary, tech and tools with your company logo. Or if you want to go for an even more personal touch, have them monogrammed with your employee’s initials. (There’ll be no squabbling over biros then.)

You could include:

  • NFC pens (double as data transfer devices to smartphones and tablets)

  • Plantable pencils

  • Digital notepad

  • Lunch kit & outdoor products

  • Charging Rucksacks

  • Water bottle

  • Biodegradable mug

  • Potted plant (plants in the workplace are a well-being booster: staff productivity increases by 15%).

To name a few things!

Try asking your colleagues what they would have found useful when they started. That way, you’ll come up with some unique ideas you might never have thought of. But it shows you went the extra mile. How about a simple cooler bag to keep their lunch fresh or pop their grocery shopping in while they finish work?

Tech equipment and gadgets

Is there any job that doesn’t involve using technology these days? Whether your new staff member is working remotely, hybrid or full-time in the office, they’ll need the right gear to do their job effectively.

Alongside the company monitor or laptop, here are a few tech items and gadgets to consider including in your welcome kit:

  • Tablet or iPad stand

  • Bluetooth headphones

  • Noise cancelling earbuds

  • Air Tags & tracker tiles for your keys

  • Privacy Kits with camera cover and RFID cards

  • Wireless Charger and power banks

  • Job-specific equipment and software apps to interact with your products.

For remote workers, you should make sure all the gear they need is delivered in advance of their start date. That way any tech issues will be ironed out before day one so they can hit the ground running.


Staff well-being increases productivity, boosts morale and enhances loyalty. Show you care about your new employee’s well-being at the outset. Add items to your welcome package that support this and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.

Perks like gym memberships, fitness tracker watches, yoga mats, reed diffusers, or outdoor products, will benefit both your team and your company in the long run. It’s also the perfect way to encourage team activities and build internal connections.

Company handbook

A well-crafted handbook means everyone clearly understands their role in your company and their responsibilities. Nowadays your staff will expect the company handbook to be in a digital format. Including a printed version in your welcome pack is a nice touch. You’re making it easy for them to reference and flick through when they need to.

A company handbook should include:

  • Policies and procedures for workplace conduct (dress code, safety guidelines, rules and regs)

  • Company structure

  • Job specs and roles for all employees

  • Working hours

  • Contact information for HR and managers

  • Policies on holiday allowances and sick leave

  • Benefits available (pension plans, healthcare packages, gym memberships)

  • Personal development and training opportunities.

Custom handbook

You might want to include an unofficial guide to the workplace alongside the more traditional style handbook. This could even take the shape of an interactive journal with the right placement of QR codes and helpful resources that serve the new starter.

A custom handbook can help make new hires feel more comfortable faster. And give them a fun flavour of the firm they’ve just joined. Get creative!

Think about what you’d like to know as a new starter. (How to work the coffee machine with 20 options, for a start.) Here are a few things you could include:

  • Where to grab a sandwich at lunchtime, or a macchiato before work

  • A company directory with photos and fun facts about each employee

  • Lunchtime sports classes or after-work hangouts

  • How you celebrate events and holidays with dates for the calendar

  • Company traditions (bring in your pet day, wear a silly hat day)

  • Funny quotes by members of staff and local community projects with the team.


Last but most definitely not least important: snacks. Chocolate is always a winner but find out first what allergies or dislikes your new team member has. You don’t want to be giving dairy products to someone who’s vegan or lactose intolerant.

Then pop a few treats to munch on while they work into their welcome box. We guarantee they’ll soon be gone!

How BOW can help with your employee welcome packs

Here at BOW Gifts we know how to make sure the people who matter remain loyal to your business. Whether you’re providing onboarding packs for new employees, sending gifts to clients or need swag for trade shows, we make corporate gift-giving easy.

Unlike other corporate gifting services, BOW provides the full package — from concept to doorstep. We’ll help you craft the onboarding pack that fits your company’s culture and values. And creates the engagement you want from your employees from the get-go.

For more welcome pack inspiration, check out our online brochure. Or book a call with us now.

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