WE INCREASE YOUR BRAND VALUE - 'Telling your story' through branded products & gifts

BOW are Award Winning Brand Engagement Specialists, working with key decision-makers worldwide.

When you need branded gifts and products for your company, we take-on the project for you, and run it entirely from concept to completion, including distribution. 

Our process is easy and underpinned with strategy. All you need to do is call us, and we do the rest.

We organise the right products and gifts, for any occasion, event, campaign or project...

...and we help companies engage with staff, prospects & clients so they are remembered. 

BOW are a client-based solution, and gift company of choice, for businesses such as Google, Bentley, TAG and SAP Concur, and industries including Travel, Events, Property and Fintech... to name a few.

BOW provides opportunities for companies to increase measurable CSR, align their KPI's and increase their ROI. 

If you can think it, we can make it. 


"Working with BOW enables us to develop and plan new dimensions to brand engagement, making it fit seamlessly with the business strategy and goals. Besides their creativity and resourcefulness, BOW truly understands the power and potential of a strong brand. We love working with the BOW team!"

BOW are Winners of 6 Awards, including, 'Best Corporate Gifting Supplier 2018', 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award' and Finalists for Ethical - Green Business of the Year Award.

BOW donates to charity with every order, and our clients earn BOW rewards. Businesses love that we are more than a traditional supplier, and 'pay it forward'. 

Businesses indulge in our TECH, ECO or LUXURY options, or a combination of all three...

...and love to benefit from our fulfilment and delivery options, shipping worldwide into 20+ countries.

With additional services such as our Graphic Design service and Hamper Design Service, we fast become a favourite for our clients, who tell us how we saved them time and took charge of what they needed for their company, whilst producing unbelievable results.

We're proud to champion a 100% Customer Satisfaction Score and put people at the heart of all that we do.

Speak to any of our BOW clients, and connect with us to deliver your next project. We will tell your story.

We look forward to hearing from you. It's time to innovate!



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5-7, Pegholme, Wharfebank Mills, Ilkley Rd, Otley, England, LS21 3JP, United Kingdom

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