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Updated: May 6

As we each look at how to process what is happening right now, one thing is for sure, and that is the overwhelming human spirit to help others.

There are daily, if not hourly updates, suggestions, tips, love and support, coming from every corner of the globe and it 100% makes a difference. We are all wanting to do our best to pull through, and work out how to adapt to a continuously changing environment and set of needs and demands, in order to ensure the wellbeing of our loved ones and ourselves.

At Bow Gifts we have adapted our service to provide 'HOME CARE & WELLBEING PACKS', in response to what we are being asked for.

More and more companies are now running a range of training events 'virtually' for their clients and delegates. And staff are now also working from home (WFH) in isolation, but are still part of an incredible team.

As a result, we know the need to ensure cultural engagement is still incredibly high, if not higher - from what we are seeing and hearing from the conversations we are having. It is very clear that this is paramount, and rightly so.

Companies are looking at how they achieve positive and supportive engagement, and are wanting to see small 'home' packs/care & wellbeing packages, go out to their clients, delegates and staff, delivered directly to their HOME.

These can include a range of thoughtful and useful items and resources, such as notebooks, healthy snacks/superfood, small games, colouring books, chargers, baking kits, stationary, training literature, personal care products including tissues, sanitiser, soap, small hand towels and ultimately any form of supportive product that helps people to know they matter.

Businesses know this is a very sudden change to normal routine, and a daunting situation that has happened very quickly. These urgent changes bring a lot more responsibility to ensure everything is done properly, and in a timely fashion, whilst ensuring the wellbeing of everyone is put first and foremost.

We know that in making a positive impact of support, the emotional value is huge and can truly be the difference in someones day.

Much praise to the companies out there, who are doing everything in their power to bring ease at this time, and help show solidarity and calm.

Companies and individuals want morale to be high, and they still want people to feel a part of the team, and inclusive. They know that there are ways to thank and support staff and delegates who are, in turn, supporting difficult decisions that were and are being made for the greater good.

BOW are supporting these companies and looking at multiple ways that HOME CARE & WELLBEING PACKS and similar options will help them ensure people feel valued and are supported.

People are truly amazing, and we cannot applaud the positivity of key decision-makers enough, who are ensuring that wellbeing needs are paramount and still being met.

We can distribute to home addresses, instead of business addresses, which all falls under our delivery capabilities, and is a key point to confirm. We know that our services must continue, and that we need to adapt to still help companies in achieving what they need for their brand.

When everyone does return to work, they do so in the knowledge that their supply chain adapted with them. We are nervous like everyone else in this situation, but we honestly want our amazing clients, and our amazing suppliers to know that at BOW, we are here for them ALWAYS, and will support them even when the sun isn't shining like it normally does, and life needs to look and work differently too.

We will adapt with you and we will support your needs at all times. Get in touch to organise at or through the contact us option on our website.

I'm inspired by so many people who are supporting others in the changes we all face. People are amazing and that is the side of the track we are on. #proactive #people #support #engaged#business #adapting #corporates #change



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