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7 reasons why you should opt for Corporate Gifts for Employees (plus gift ideas)

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Thinking of giving gifts to your employees this year but not sure if it’s worth it? There are so many reasons why you should. Corporate gift-giving isn’t just good for your staff, it’s good for business.

Here are 7 reasons to send your employees corporate gifts, the rules around staff gifting and ideas for what to give.

7 benefits of choosing corporate gifts for employees

1. Improves staff retention

Post Covid-19, companies have been hit hard by the ‘Great Resignation’. 43% of employees surveyed for Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index said they were considering changing jobs during the next year. While over half of 18-34-year-olds who responded to PageGroup’s survey of 2000 UK workers said they were currently looking for new roles.

Replacing staff members is expensive. You’ll be looking at recruitment and advertising costs, training expenses for a new employee as well as wages. On average, it can cost your business between six to nine months’ salary. And for executive positions, you can expect to pay over 200% of the employee’s pay to replace them.

Corporate gifts are a way to show your employees you value them and build loyalty. A well-thought-out, personalised gift or engaging product will show you’re committed to building a solid relationship. They’re not just a number on your monthly payroll, they matter.

What’s more, it pays to make it memorable — for the right reasons. According to recent research, 45% of employees surveyed said that receiving a memorable gift made them feel more loyal to the company. And more likely to want to work there longer.

2. Motivates your team

Corporate gifts aren’t just a way of showing you value your staff, they can help motivate them.

Let’s say your team’s been working hard on a project. The client’s hard to please and deadlines keep shifting. A well-timed token of appreciation for the extra hours everyone’s putting in can help keep the team focused to get the job done.

3. Rewards staff for a job well done

You couldn’t run your business without your people. So when clients reward you for a job well done by giving you more business, pass it on. Reward your team with a gift to say thank you. After all, they’re the ones who did most of the work.

And if your business wins an award for its services, a gift is a great way to show you remember it was your staff who made it happen. You could even use this as an opportunity to celebrate your employees company-wide, with an award or award ceremony.

4. Creates a good impression at onboarding

First impressions count. When you take on new hires, an onboarding gift or welcome pack speaks volumes about your company and your attitude towards staff. Now more of your people may work remotely, it’s even more important you start off on the right foot.

Sending a welcome box with a subtly branded pad, pen, tech items and a water bottle or mug will make them feel valued. Remember to add a snack or two and pop in a personalised note.

5. Boosts company morale

Every business goes through ups and downs. When times are tough and spirits are flagging, a gift to your employees can help boost morale. Forget the gift cards and paperweights.

Instead, show you care.

Send a selection of personalised, thoughtful gifts to all your team members across the business and in different departments. Remember those who work behind the scenes too.

6. Improves business productivity

You want your employees to love doing their jobs and do them well because that affects your bottom line. A happy workplace is a productive one. Research by Warwick University reveals happy workers are 12% more productive than the average worker. Unhappy workers are 10% less productive.

One way to spread a little happiness is by giving employees gifts that will make them more creative, effective, and focused on their work. If they work from home, think wireless chargers, noise-cancelling headphones, a desk lamp or an air purifier.

Talk to your staff before you buy gifts for them. Find out their likes, allergies and dislikes so you make sure you get it right. And don’t forget to mark work anniversaries and special occasions. Welcome new starters into the fold and staff members’ milestone achievements.

7. Demonstrates your ethics and company culture

Younger employees, millennials, in particular, expect more transparency from company leaders. A corporate gift is a way you can demonstrate your ethics and company culture. A gift that embodies these will reassure and help build a meaningful connection.

If you’re committed to reducing your carbon footprint and sustainability, use a corporate gifting service that shares your values.

Tax on corporate gifts for employees

When it comes to tax on gifts for employees here is the intel. In the UK, as long as you meet certain conditions, you don’t have to pay tax on a benefit for your employee if:

The gift does not cost over £50. (If it’s over £50, then the entire amount is taxable, not just the difference.) If you’re giving a gift to a group, the average cost per head must not cost over £50. The gift must not be a voucher or cash.

Check the government’s employee benefits web page to find out exactly what’s allowed and what’s not.

What are the best gifts for employees?

The best employee gifts are those they remember for the right reasons. That means putting thought into your gifting strategy. What would they really appreciate? With corporate gifts, it really is the thought that counts.

Remote workers

For employees who work remotely, it can be tough without co-workers around you. Zoom fatigue can set in and there may be noisy kids to cope with (or neighbours). Here are some gift ideas for remote workers:

A work-from-home survival kit — kits could include well-being products, slipper socks, a do not disturb sign, pjs and a few snacks, obviously. When you partner with BOW Gifts you can create your own gift boxes and personalise these too.

Noise-cancelling headphones — these can reduce ambient noise by up to 90%. Perfect for when your workers need quiet time. BOW has a range of headphones to choose from. Or wireless speakers if your staff member likes music while they work.

Tech to help — Help your remote staff keep their work area clutter-free with a charging desk tidy a handy wireless power bank or digital notebook, a hub with USB ports or a wireless charging cork mouse pad and stand. Check out BOW’s online brochure for a range of options.

Office/hybrid workers

For employees who work in the office, or hybrid staff, factor in their commute, their lunch and general well-being in the workplace. Here are some gift ideas:

Anti-theft backpack — useful on the commute but just as easy to sling over your shoulders and take on holiday. It’ll take a laptop or tablet and it’s made of recycled materials too. (It can also charge your tech products too. Pretty cool right?)

Wireless charging water bottle — Don’t lose connectivity on your phone during sports activities that bookend your work day. It’ll keep you hydrated too!

Cooler bag (with your name on it) — keep your lunch and drinks cool all day. Or do your grocery shopping at lunchtime and pop it into the large cooler tote.

For more inspiration, flick through BOW’s online gift brochure. Or book a free, 30-minute call. We’ll be happy to talk you through our services and come up with a gifting strategy that’s right for your people and your business.

Find out more about BOW Gifts.



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