Bow Branded

Choose Bow Branded for all your branded merchandise, promotional products or brand awareness strategies.

Bow Branded is used by companies who want non-food products with their logo on the item. These products are great for use in office environments, exposing your brand on a daily basis with regularly used items. 

This specialism is ideal for companies showcasing at exhibitions, attending events, giving out goodie bags, or running letterbox marketing campaigns

From only 50+ units, you can boast your brand with an excellent luxury feel and impact. 

Bow Branded champions the top products each season, so you know what is leading in the market at any one time. 

Bow Branded can also be incorporated into your Bow Corporate orders. Find out how in our brochure. 

To access Bow Branded, click to start an enquiry, or download the brochure. 

Come and try us out and see what it's like to be a Bow Gifts client and have your own Bow Gifts experience.

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